Spring Is in The Air

Spring has definitely sprung where I’m at here in south Texas. The Blue Bonnets are beginning to bloom en masse. Hopefully, the folks further north will soon be experiencing warmer weather, if they haven’t already. Quite often the warmer breeze and accompanying new birth induces a feeling to freshen up and rejuvenate our own surroundings.

Are You Nervous? Or Excited?

Today I was listening to one of my favorite speakers, Simon Sinek. He is today’s Zig Ziglar. He has all these wonderful viewpoints that apply to this high-tech, fast-paced world of today. I was first attracted to him when I watched a blurb about his thoughts on millennials in the work place. If you get

Social Networking?

The last few days I’ve been busy setting up my social network. A vital aspect of any online company in this day and age. I’ve been reviewing different applications to decide which ones I want to work with and there is no way I, as one person, can manage all of the options out there.


So today is the day! To begin my blog posts. I am excited, but nervous. Can I keep up with it? There is no problem with content and topics. There is no problem with writing. So I think the problem will be with keeping up the commitment. Sounds rather flakey, I know. Especially for those