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Business Consulting

Review current operations to reduce expenses & increase revenue

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Tax Planning & Preparation

Review current processes and implement tax strategies to reduce taxes

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Accounting Services

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Meeting your company’s needs through a streamlined secure processing system eliminates the need for an on-site Bookkeeper.

Our goal is your success!

In order to succeed you need accurate and timely financial data to make sound business decisions.

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Applying a powerful mixture of wisdom, energy and fresh perspective we serve businesses all across the United States.


“This company wouldn’t have been able to keep up operations without your efforts, Kerry.”                               –C.Miller, Business Owner

“Thank you for always being so thorough. You are so great at explaining things and have endless patience with all our many many questions.” -A.Laramore, Property Mgr.

“As Always, thank you for everything. You are an incredible resource and one of the most dependable people I have ever worked with. –D.Kelly, Director

“The price of anything is the life you exchange for it.”  -H. D. Thoreau